Advanced Nurse Practitioners play a vital role in Digital Healthcare

As the UK’s leading provider of Advanced Practitioners, we know the benefits Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP) bring to healthcare services, but how do ANPs enhance digital health platforms?

Digital healthcare isn’t just about technology; it’s about improving patient outcomes, and making healthcare more accessible, efficient and personalised.

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in digital health platforms nationwide. However, with the declining GP numbers and rising demand for patient appointments, patients are having to wait longer to book appointments.

The role Advanced Nurse Practitioners play in digital healthcare

Advanced Nurse Practitioners play a vital role in supporting digital health services. They improve patients’ access to care; they reduce wait times and enhance overall healthcare delivery.

ANP’s provide in-depth clinical knowledge and expertise, which enables them to assess and implement effective treatment plans via the digital health platforms. They tailor care plans to individual patients’ needs, optimise treatment outcomes and improve overall patient satisfaction.

As well as maintaining high quality patient care, ANP’s also offer cost-effective care. This helps healthcare services to manage the provision of healthcare costs. Advanced Nurse Practitioners also reduce stress and burnout of other clinicians, such as GP’s, by providing enhanced skills to enable them to manage their own patient list.

Our experience of supplying locum ANP’s to enhance digital healthcare services

This year, Hallam Medical worked in partnership with Doctor Care Anywhere Group PLC (DCA) to strategically integrate locum Advanced Nurse Practitioners into their digital platform.

Introducing ANP’s to consult on the DCA platform has made a positive impact. This included faster access to care, reduction in waiting times, increased appointment flexibility and providing patients with access to a range of healthcare advice and support.

Hallam Medical sourced over 100 locum ANP’s to support Doctor Care Anywhere. In the first full week of operation, 81 locum ANPs provided by Hallam Medical consulted on the DCA platform, covering 1,787 hours totaling over 5,360 patient appointments. Doctor Care Anywhere saw an increase of 16% of patients being seen, highlighting the positive impact ANP’s had on their digital health platform.

Doctor Care Anywhere said, “We chose Hallam Medical specifically for their standards of excellence and affiliation with recognised national institutions supporting best practice.”

With a true recruitment partner approach, we successfully introduced locum ANP’s to DCA’s digital platform and still continue to supply against their requirements and needs. Read more in our case study here.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners enhance overall healthcare delivery

It is clear to see the positive impact Advanced Nurse Practitioners have within digital healthcare. Integrating ANP’s to support digital healthcare services will not only optimise and improve patient care, but it will also enhance overall healthcare delivery.

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