Happy Birthday Hallam Medical 12 years old today

Introducing our founder and Clinical Director, Alex Munro

Today marks Hallam Medical’s 12th birthday.

As we celebrate this milestone, we thought it was about time to introduce our founder and Clinical Director, Alex Munro.


Alex is an Advanced Practitioner (AP) and has worked within urgent and primary care services.

After studying Autonomous Practice at university Alex worked within the ambulance service seeing & treating patients in their own home.
He said since Hallam Medical first opened in 2007 the National Health Service (NHS) has changed significantly.

The role of Advanced Practice has grown and developed

Since starting Hallam Medical,  Alex said one of the biggest changes has been the growth and development of the Advanced Practice role within healthcare.

He said: “At Hallam Medical we recognise and understand how Advanced Practitioners can effectively influence services. We have built a company that is not only very special, but one that is respected and recognised as a genuine recruitment partner. I am proud that we are seen as honest, knowledgeable and trusted to provide the highest quality clinicians. This stems from our core beliefs and values that we always treat people how we would like to be treated ourselves, and put the patient at the forefront of everything we do.”

We continue to work together with AAPE UK

“This is why we continue to work together with The Association of Advanced Practice Educators (AAPE UK) and have supported their work with Health Education England’s consultation (HEE)  on the Advanced Clinical Practitioner Academy. The academy aims to improve and standardise routes into Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

This is a very exciting time for Advanced Practice. Whether in a primary, urgent or a secondary care setting, the role of the Advanced Practitioner is now becoming multi-disciplinary. Within the next five years it will be common practice for patients to be seen by Advanced Practitioners whether that be a Nurse, Physiotherapist, Paramedic or Pharmacist or other Allied Health Professionals (AHP).”

Alex said he has learnt a lot since founding Hallam Medical and is still learning, he really enjoys his role as Clinical Director and being able to support both services and clinicians to deliver the best possible care to patients.

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