We want to make sure you are paid on time for the work you do!

Get paid on time for the work you do!


We know how hard you work to support our clients’ services and their patients, so we want to make sure you get paid on time for the fantastic work you do.


To help us to do this we have put together some top tips.


When should you send your timesheet?

To help us to process your timesheets quickly and efficiently please make sure you send your timesheets to us after your last shift at that site for the week.

All timesheets need to be received before 10:00 am Monday for payment on Friday.Any timesheets sent after 7 days could be delayed due to our agreements with clients and therefore further authorisation may be requested, resulting in a delay in us paying you.

Before sending your timesheets to us, it is important to double-check all the basics have been done:

Have you?

o    Told your consultant when you have worked
o    Made sure your timesheet is clear and legible
o    Made sure all fields have been fully completed


Before submitting your timesheet double-check, you have:

o   Written your name at the top and signed your name at the bottom
o   Written the name and position of your line manager/s and obtained their signature
o   Told us where you worked – i.e. have you specified which trust, ward, and department you work in
o   Ensured the dates worked on the timesheet are correct

Send it to us

Once you have filled in your timesheet you can send it to us either by email or fax.

By Email

If you are emailing timesheets to us please send it to timesheets@hallammedical.com

Please make sure

o  It is sent as an attachment either as a scanned A4 document, a JPG or PDF

By Fax

If you are faxing timesheets to us please send it to 0333 456 0395.

Please make sure

o It is clear and legible

Don’t forget!

You can always talk to a member of our team on 0333 800 0395.

Download your timesheets here!

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