Happy Yorkshire Day

Hallam Medical - Proud to be Yorkshire

Today is Yorkshire Day and we are proud to be based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, where it all began 13 years ago.

So, we thought on this day when we are celebrating all things Yorkshire we would share with you why we chose to be here and indeed where the name ‘Hallam’ Medical came from!

As many of you will know Hallam Medical was founded by our Clinical Director, Alex Munro, who is himself an Advanced Practitioner.

In 1993 Alex arrived in Sheffield to look at Sheffield Hallam University and consider his options up here in the North. The city of Sheffield had a nice feel to it compared to the other university cities Alex had visited. As a young man from Leicestershire Alex said he remembered just how much greenery there was in the city.

Did you know?

Sheffield has more trees per person than any other European city – 4.5 million trees

Alex said: “My friends and I were amazed at how friendly everybody was, everybody seemed to have time to say ‘hello’. I remember going into a fish and chip shop and hearing the word breadcake, something I had never heard of before – for those who don’t know it’s the Yorkshire description for bread roll!”

The city’s affiliation with excellent healthcare meant that after completing his degrees Alex found work here and felt this was the perfect place to have as our headquarters.

Why ‘Hallam’ Medical?

Alex said: “If you know Sheffield or have ever visited Sheffield you will have noticed the word ‘Hallam’ appearing in the names of many businesses and organisations throughout the South Yorkshire/Sheffield area including Sheffield Hallam University, The Royal Hallamshire Hospital and Hallam FM to name but a few.

Including the word ‘Hallam’ in our company name reflects our association and history with the Sheffield area

You can trust us

Hallam Medical is a name you can trust and rely on. Whether you are looking for highly educated, skilled and experienced practitioners to support your patients and services or whether you are seeking flexible work to suit you and your family, you can trust us to deliver.

Although we are based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire we place Advanced Practitioners, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Clinical Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Emergency Nurse Practitioners, Emergency Care Practitioners, 111 Clinical Advisors, Community Nurses, Practice Nurses and Mental Health Nurses in locations across the UK.

We are proud to be Yorkshire based but we are also proud of our reputation throughout the UK.

If you want to find out more about our services or about working with Hallam Medical call our team today on 0333 800 0395.

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