Hallam Medical - How to eat healthily at work

Our team share their top tips for staying on track!

At Hallam HQ we have a tribe of dedicated healthy eaters. As part of The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) Healthy Eating Week, they share their top tips on how they stay healthy and away from temptation whilst at work.

As a business, we try to encourage and support healthy eating by offering fresh fruit which is delivered into the office twice a week. This gives the team a healthier option to snack on, so when the blood sugar levels drop instead of reaching for the biscuits everyone can choose a healthier option.

Don’t just take my word for it, get a bit of inspiration and top tips from our very own Hallam healthy eaters!

Recruitment Consultant, Frankie Boulter is a keen gym goer and has recently completed the Sheffield Half Marathon. As well as enjoying exercise Frankie brings her breakfast and lunch to work with her.

Frankie’s Top Tip: Cook once eat twice.

Frankie said: “If I’m cooking in the evening, especially if it is chicken or salmon, I’ll cook two pieces and eat one for tea and bring the other piece in for lunch the next day.”

Brand and Marketing Manager, Liz Taylor loves CrossFit, cooking and eating for good health. Liz also brings her breakfast lunch and snacks to work with her to avoid temptation.

Liz’s Top Tip: Bring a massive salad and leave your money at home!

Liz said she leaves her purse at home so she can’t buy food. Liz said: “I have little to no will power and have to do everything I can to stop myself from being tempted. I am a naturally greedy person so I like to see a lot of food on my plate so I usually bring a huge salad with me and add in veg like broccoli, green beans, mangetout and add chicken, salmon, tuna or mackerel. If I am training, I will add brown rice or a few new potatoes. It takes me a long time to eat and fills me up!”

Senior Candidate Care Executive, Richard Tillery has always kept himself fit and healthy and walks to work every day. Rich enjoys good food but said he follows a common sense approach to eating.

Rich’s Top Tip: Pick up the phone and avoid temptation!

Rich said: “I bring my lunch to work with me and it is usually mackerel salad. I always used to enjoy biscuits with my afternoon cup of tea, but now, when I see them being offered around I pick up the phone and speak to our lovely practitioners, which means I don’t have to say no!”

The BNF state that eating a healthy balanced diet involves eating the right amounts to provide energy throughout the day and enough nutrients for our bodies to function. They say the average woman needs 2,000 calories and the average man needs about 2,500 calories and you should be eating a combination of starchy carbohydrates, lots of fruit and vegetables, eat more fish and less sugary snacks.
As healthcare professionals we are acutely aware of the importance of a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle, it is in the news and something we regularly talk to our patients about.

However, working long shifts, night shifts travelling between patients and busy workloads can mean even the best intentions can get forgotten.

Do you manage to remain on track during your shift or do you struggle? We would love to hear from you? Tell us your top tips!

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