Principal Consultant Faith Shaughnessy celebrates ten years with Hallam Medical

As we celebrate and mark ten years of Principal Consultant Faith Shaughnessy working with Hallam Medical, we thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to find out a bit more about Faith – the person behind the voice at the other end of the phone.

Having moved to Sheffield for University she has never left the Steel City and wanted to work for a local Sheffield company, in the city which she had grown to love.

Faith said: “I loved the idea of working for a family-run Sheffield-based local company and wanted to move into healthcare recruitment so this was the perfect opportunity for me.”

In 2011 Faith joined Hallam Medical as a Senior Recruitment Consultant and has progressed with us working as a Managing Consultant, Principal Consultant and has now joined the Business Development Team focusing on Candidate Care.

In the ten years Faith has worked with Hallam Medical there have been a lot of changes and developments within healthcare recruitment.

Faith continued: “When I first joined Hallam Medical, we were one of the first recruitment agencies to supply Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Emergency Care Practitioners and recognise their value within Primary and Urgent Care. We continue to be the only agency to truly understand Advanced Practice and the benefit of utilising these highly educated and skilled practitioners and this makes me proud and one of the reasons I continue to work here.”

“Since I first joined, the company has grown massively; we have more people working, more divisions and more teams meaning that we can support more clients, find our clinicians work and ultimately ensure that patients can continue to be seen in settings throughout the UK.”

“There have been some huge changes to the way we work and I cannot believe that I can now say I have worked through a global pandemic and been part of the solution to COVID-19, ensuring that services across the country have enough clinicians to support the vaccination effort – there is never a dull day at Hallam HQ!”

As well as enjoying her role and working within the healthcare recruitment sector, Faith said a big part of remaining at Hallam Medical for ten years and being happy within her role is the team.

“I love working for a Sheffield-based company and the people I work with. Finding the right candidates for our clients and finding our clinicians the right work for them is what I love about the job but working with a great team makes it easier even during the more challenging times.”

Faith added: “In the ten years I have been here there have been awards, tears and lots and lots of laughs along the way. I love the people I work with and have made lifelong friends along the way – I have even been lucky enough to a bridesmaid for our current Head of Primary Care and Urgent Care and Head of Business Growth and Development Neil and Charlotte Heaton. At Hallam Medical I know we are not just a number and I am looking forward to the next ten years here!”

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