July Star of the Month – Taylor Crapper

Hallam Medical Star of the Month Award

Congratulations to Taylor Crapper who has received the Hallam Medical Star of the Month award.

Principle Consultant Taylor was awarded the July Star of the Month by the Hallam Medical team.

Taylor received fantastic feedback from the team at Hallam HQ and has been recognised for her hard work, professionalism, and her positive attitude.

The team at Hallam Medical said:

“Taylor is always hard working and professional.”

“I would like to vote for Taylor as she has been fantastic this month.”

“Taylor’s overall positive attitude blows me away each time I come into the office!”

“Taylor is very commitmented to her job within Business Growth and Development”

“She is very caring and always drives motivation and performance at work”.

“She just has such a positive vibe on the atmosphere in the office when she is in, and I find her great as role model as a senior.”

“The support she gives to the Primary and Urgent Care Team whilst Julia was on annual – she really did go above and beyond!”

Taylor said she was both happy and surprised when her name was announced as the winner of the July Star of the Month award.

“I was so surprised and happy when Business Manager Faith called my name out. The hallam family are so lovely!”

Congratulations Taylor 😃

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