Welcoming Work Experience Students to Hallam Medical

This month we welcomed two school students to Hallam Medical as part of their work experience programme.

During their work experience, the two students took part in various tasks within different departments of the business including Brand & Marketing, Business Support, Sales, and Finance, enabling them to understand and experience how each department function and collaborate.

Providing the opportunity to experience the various roles within a business will provide a great overview of the workings of an office hopefully this experience will give inspiration and help the students when they come to consider careers choices they may not have explored. It also provides a chance for students to develop essential skills and build confidence in a professional working environment.

We are passionate about supporting our team ensuring they receive the right opportunity to develop new skills to enable them to accelerate within their role.

Having the opportunity to invite work experience students to Hallam Medical, means we can share best practice to guide them through the next steps of their life journey.

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